Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Central Westmoreland Council of Governments?

The Central Westmoreland Council Of Governments ( CWCOG ) is an intergovernmental organization that presently consists of twenty-seven municipalities who come together to discuss and cooperate on similar issues and problems.
What are some typical projects of CWCOG?

  • Legislative Forum
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Equipment & Vehicle
  • Contracts
  • U.C.C. ProgramShared Code Officer

Many local municipalities are in dire fiscal straits due to eroding tax bases, and increasing costs of materials and services. By pooling our efforts and resources, the municipalities will be able to address more problems and accomplish more projects that will benefit our communities.

Does a municipality have to participate in all COG decisions or projects?

COG decisions that effect all municipalities are voted on by each municipality’s council members. If a municipality does not wish to enter a certain agreement or project with the COG, they are not bound by COG’s decision, ( except those projects that the board members deem, the whole membership is to participate ).

What does it cost a municipality to join?

The annual membership fee is just $220.00 – Membership fee starting June 2018.

When are the meetings scheduled?

To Be Announced

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